United played to their strengths…finally

Image 0: Martinez and Varane.

What changed from the Brentford game a week ago and yesterday’s game?

United finally played to their strengths and hid their weaknesses. We have highlighted many times the mismatches in profiles in United’s squad and we have also highlighted that the strengths of the forward line is in either running in behind or running directly in 1v1 or 2v2 situations.

Image 1: Article: https://abdelbeheri.medium.com/erik-ten-hag-what-is-he-bringing-to-manchester-united-f35b2a033896
Image 2: Article: https://abdelbeheri.medium.com/only-an-idiot-persists-in-his-error-85df066f180
Image 3: DDG’s passes in the entire 90. Successful (Blue), Unsuccessful (Red)
ETH in pre match interview.
Track and Cover.
Image 4,5,6,7: Backline passes to McTominay and Eriksen



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