There’s something odd about SAF and OGS managerial beginnings at Manchester United.

OGS and SAF at the Camp Nou 2019.

First Parallel

SAF said in the documentary that he wanted to restore the club’s values and soul. He wanted to go back to The Busby Way (DNA). He started with the youth. “The youth was the proper way, the spirit of the club, a new spirit”, he said. It was abandoned before SAF and the standards were on the floor.

Second Parallel

However, Fergie knew, it was all well and good building for the future but you need results NOW for the first team. In his first few seasons, the losses compounded and the team lacked confidence and cohesion. They were a broken team.

Third parallel

The best Goalkeeper conundrum, Jim Leighton. At the time, Jim was considered one of, if not, the best goalkeepers in Europe. He helped SAF win the European Cup with Aberdeen. SAF brought him with him to United. Jim started losing confidence and made mistake after mistake. SAF was scrutinized for persisting with his loyalty to Jim and standing by him, until SAF’s hand was forced. SAF dropped Jim in the FA Cup final (replay) as he costed him goals in the 3–3 draw of the first try — yes, they played the final twice as they drew the first time.

Final thoughts

There are more and more parallels as you digest more into both SAF and OGS’s careers. For example:

  1. The resemblances between Eric Cantona and Bruno Fernandes and their effect.
  2. SAF won his first trophy and final with United at age of 48. OGS is in his first final with United at age 48.
  3. And more…



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