Manchester United: All vibes, no substance?

Disclaimer: this is not a tactical piece.

Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær at Carrington during training sessions.

One: Dumbfounded, lazy criticism

First, Solskjær admitted long ago — when the criticism about his coaching methods were questioned loud in the media — that he doesn’t coach the team, he manages the club. Here are his quotes:

Article from The Athletic about the inner working of United and Solskjær.

Two: Toxic positivity

This section really gets on my nerves as a fan. We all want Solskjær to succeed but there comes a time where it is counterproductive. It reached a point with this section where any sort of healthy criticism, as mentioned previously, gets lumped with the negativity and hatred group. This is not healthy and it is not right, you shouldn’t be discrediting genuine criticism even if you don’t agree with it. Be humble. Solskjær is not perfect. He will tell you that himself. He makes mistakes, A LOT.

Three: The hatred.

If you are a heavy social media user, then you have probably seen the death threats, abuse, harassment, and vulgar comments, bad articles and threads written about Solskjær.

Just a guy interested in football.