Erik ten Hag was right…

Manchester United’s manager Erik ten Hag.

1) Erik ten Hag, himself, agrees with me.

He saw the potential in the team and recognized that this team was too good to have produced what they had last season. It was probably more confidence and mental than anything else. This is what I’ve argued for all of last season. The collapse was far too big for it all of sudden to be: “An open heart surgery and we need 10 new players.” To be fair to Ralf Rangnick, he probably meant that the club in general needs an open heart surgery to fix all its existing facets — to which I would agree. Man United are still stuck in 2005 as a club, facilities, training pitches, and all the new advanced tech and whatnot.

United’s achieved metrics in 20/21.
United’s expected metrics in 20/21
Rashford’s interview after Europa league final

3) In 19/20, United were starting from scratch. In 22/23, they are not.

United were down to the bare bones in 19/20. Their midfield lacked quality. The forward line was paper thin and lacked quality and even their defense didn’t have proper back-ups incase the regular starters were injured. As you recall, Williams was thrown into the deep end when Shaw got injured. Greenwood started getting more and more game time. Chong featured a bit. Angel Gomes featured a bit as well as James Garner. Paul Pogba was out for most of the season. That team massively pushed above their weight.

The ins and outs of United transfers throughout 19/20.
The ins and outs of 22/23.
United vs West Ham (@markstats)



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