Cavani, Pogba and Shaw’s celebration after United take the lead in 79' min v Spurs.

Let me tell you first what a Wing gambit is? It’s a chess opening move used against a defensive strategy called “ Sicilian Defense”. The aim is to use a pawn to regain control of an important central square on the chessboard. I used this term because this is how Solskjær is using Paul Pogba in his current Manchester United setup. Let’s see how!

When the team-sheet came out vs. Manchester City at Old Trafford earlier in December 2020, everyone were scratching their head at What Solskjær was trying to achieve by placing Pogba out on the left wing. Some…

Image 1: Ole captured in pre-season training.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær has been in charge of Manchester United as permanent manager for 2 years and a couple of months. Yet, there are so many fans and journalists, alike, that still argue with each other on his “style of play” or “philosophy”? In this article, we will look into that and we will also explore how important are these terms ? Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? Does their absence or presence guarantee trophies or a successful managerial career?

Disclaimer: This article will be dense and will contain a lot of historical facts, about managers…

United players and manager Solskjær in tears after their penalty shootout vs Villareal.

Manchester United were considered favorites going into the Europa League final and why wouldn’t they be, they managed to knock out Real Sociedad, AC Milan, AS Roma on their way to the final but perhaps this is the very reason why they were beaten by 7th placed Villareal from La Liga.

Solskjær and his coaching staff got it wrong on the night, they came prepared for a certain game and Villareal decided to give them another. Manchester United, basically, studied the team but not the man behind the team and ultimately it was their downfall.

To be fair to United…

United players after Firmino puts Liverpool 3–1 up. Maguire in the stands injured.

English football’s biggest rivalry took stage at Old Trafford last Thursday night. A game where both sets of fans deem as a must win, no matter what the occasion is. I am not a Mancunian or a Scouse so I don’t feel the same “football hatred” those fans feel towards each other but I definitely don’t like losing to Liverpool. Unfortunately, this is what happened last Thursday.

Both teams had different motives coming into this game. For Liverpool, they must get into the Top 4 and Man United stand the biggest obstacle. …

OGS and SAF at the Camp Nou 2019.

I finished watching Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In 2 days ago. I had a very weird and a little bit scary feeling after it. I couldn’t help but see an image form in front of my eyes while watching. I saw the current Manchester United in the Manchester United of 1986–90 that Sir Alex Ferguson took over.

The parallels between what happened with Sir Alex Ferguson and Ole Gunnar Solskjær is uncanny — frankly scary.

First Parallel

SAF said in the documentary that he wanted to restore the club’s values and soul. He wanted to go back to The Busby Way…

Picture 1: Kante vs Real Madrid Semi final 1st leg.

Real Madrid took on Chelsea in the Champions League semi final last Tuesday. The blues looked to be on top for the majority of the match until Zidane made the adjustments which lessened Chelsea’s control but didn’t add much to Madrid’s attack. It was a fascinating game from a tactical stand point but let’s see how Madrid struggled and what Chelsea did.

Chelsea out of possession

Chelsea did not press heavily out of possession and kept the front two of Pulisic and Werner close to their 2nd line in order to close off any passing angles to Kroos or Modrić…

Under Ole Gunnar Solskjær, Manchester United have reached 4 semi finals and every time they seemed to fall a bit short of taking that next step? Or did they?

Ole Gunnar Solskjær was appointed Manchester United’s permanent manager in March 2019. At the time, Manchester United were seen as the giants that have fallen so far away from grace. They were almost unrecognizable. Sure, there were highlights and a few comebacks (i.e. PSG away March 19) but their underlying numbers always reflected a team struggling to be consistent among the top 5, let alone top 4.

End of season 2018/2019…

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